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DesignBot is an AI that designs unique landing pages

Key features

Over a billion unique designs

DesignBot is able to produce landing page designs with almost endless variation

Automated conversion optimization

DesignBot uses genetic algorithms to optimize the design and content of the landing pages

Mobile-friendly interface

DesignBot enables you to create unique landing pages without a large screen

Truly responsive landing pages

DesignBot creates landing pages that work perfectly across all types of devices

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Is DesignBot different from AB testing?

The principle is the same - using statistics to improve landing page performance in converting visitors. However, AB testing is mostly focused on optimizing a few specific elements of a web page (e.g. buttons, forms etc). This will only provide marginal improvements. DesignBot takes a different approach. We recognize that there are deep interactions between design features, content, and visitors. We need to test a wide variety of pages to understand what combinations are most likely to convert each visitor. So why is everyone AB testing? Practical reasons - traffic and time. First, traditional multivariate testing requires an obscene amount of traffic. Second, it’s not feasible to manually design a wide range of different landing pages for every campaign. DesignBot changes the paradigm with machine learning and automated design generation. We enable users to test a wide range of landing page designs and quickly find the most optimal combination of design features and content for converting their visitors.

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